Welcome to California Water Wars, an information source about water politics — and in California that’s the best politics there is.

Here’s the bottom line: California’s interminable water fights come down to moving more water from north to south. The north has the water, the south has the population. Between the north and south are the farmers, who want their share. Environmentalists say conservation is the key, fishermen say leave our catch alone, engineers say we need reservoirs and just about everybody says we need to boost groundwater supplies.  Enough social chit-chat — you’ve now been fully briefed.

The editor of California Water Wars is John Howard. That’s me.

I’ve covered California politics for three decades, including six years as editor and managing editor of Capitol Weekly, my current gig; more than two decades as reporter, political writer and news editor for the Associated Press; Sacramento Bureau Chief for the Orange County Register; Associate Editor for the California Journal; and Managing Editor of Providence Publications, which publishes insurance and worker-safety newsletters.

I’ve written extensively about water, air quality, renewable energy and forestry issues.

My first job as a daily newspaper reporter was covering the Vista Irrigation District in San Diego County. On my first day on the beat, the late Hans Doe, then the district’s president, took me aside. “Nobody cares about water unless it has bourbon in it,” he said. “Nobody thinks about water until it’s gone.”

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